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Find out here what you should consider when buying sofas.

Designer sofa - how to find the right sofa for your home

Muuto - Oslo Lounge Chair
  1. Sitting or relaxing - the ideal designer sofa for your purposes
  2. The right dimensions - which sofa fits into your living room?
  3. How to put sofa? - Ideas for the living room furnishing
  4. Multifunctional - designer sofas with sleep function
  5. Sofa covers - types of fabric and their properties
  6. Conclusion - you have to consider this when buying a sofa

1. Sitting or relaxing - the ideal designer sofa for your purposes

In most living rooms, the sofa is the heart of the room and serves as a retreat - for reading, relaxing, watching television or talking. Before you buy your designer sofa, you should consider what you expect from it.

Would you like to relax here above all? Put your feet up and stretch out? Then choose a sofa with a low seat height, low backrest and a deep seat. Would you rather sit up straight on the sofa - to eat or chat with the whole family? Then choose a sofa with a seat height of approx. 45 cm and a higher backrest. With a seat depth of approx. 52 to 55 cm, you can sit upright and set up your legs at right angles. Here offers Muuto great variations on which you can sit well and which also stylishly decorate the room.

Sofa Graphic 4 - Sitting and relaxing

1. Hay - Mags Soft Sofa | 2. Muuto - Oslo Sofa

2. The right dimensions - which sofa fits in your living room

Of course, your designer sofa should not only fit your desired purpose, but also the conditions of the room and fit harmoniously into the overall picture. So first measure the place where you want to place the sofa. Then you'll know what the size of your sofa can be.

Also consider how many people should usually sit on the sofa. For one person you usually calculate 60 - 80 cm. The height of the seat and possibly the armrests also plays an important role when buying a sofa, because the selection of the coffee table, side tables and chairs should also be coordinated with them.

Sofa Graphics 1 - 2-Seater and 3-Seater

3. How to make a sofa? Ideas for the living room furnishing

Sofa Graphic 5 - Variants

1. Muuto - Outline corner sofa and Hay - Tray Table | 2. Hay - Mags corner sofa and Muuto - Around coffee table | 3. Vitra - Polder Compact sofa and Muuto - Airy coffee table | 4. Muuto - Rest sofa 2-seater , Muuto - Five Pouf and Fritz Hansen - Join FH61 coffee table

1. 3-seater sofa and two side tables combine: A 3-seater sofa is ideal for a household with two to three people and a rather smaller living room with up to 20 square meters of space. On the Recamiere you can stretch yourself out for a long time, create a harmonious picture with the coffee table in front of the sofa and the side table next to it and provide enough storage space for all persons.

2. Combine a large corner sofa with a coffee table: If you need more space on your sofa, but have a rather small living room, corner sofas are a good choice. With their L-shape, they fill unused niches and fit wonderfully into smaller rooms.

3. Two sofas facing each other: In a larger living room, your designer sofa is particularly effective if it is not placed directly on the wall, but in the middle of the room. To do this, place two sofas opposite each other. Our tip: If the seating group is open towards the door, it appears even more inviting.

4. Combine sofa and pouf: You have a small living room or like it airy-minimalistic? Then combine a simple sofa with a pouf . It can be used multifunctionally and very flexibly as a side table, additional seat or comfortable storage for your legs.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "When you place your sofa in the room, you should ask yourself whether you want to clearly delimit an area or simply create an exciting room situation. Keep in mind that the higher the back and armrests of the sofa are, the more it creates its own area." - Victoria, furnishing expert

4. Multifunctional - designer sofas with sleep function

If you frequently have overnight guests or a guest room, choose a sofa with sleep function . With some sofa beds, all you have to do is fold down the backrest to turn the sofa into a sleeping landscape. For others, the seat can be pulled out. Designer sofas with sleep function are available in many different designs and styles - decide what suits you best. The good thing about it is that at first glance you can't tell that it's a sofa bed. They are in no way inferior to sofas without sleep function.

Sofa Graphic 3 - Sleeping sofas

5. Sofa covers - fabrics and their properties

Once you have decided on the shape and size of the sofa, it's up to the details. What type of fabric do you want for your sofa? It is not only a question of an attractive appearance, but also of the properties of the fabric. At Connox you will find a large selection of sofas made of natural fibres, synthetic fibres, blended fabrics and leather.

Sofa Graphic 2 - Materials

natural fibre
Natural fibres are naturally obtained fibres such as cotton, wool or linen. Sofas made of natural fibres look naturally beautiful and feel pleasant on the skin. However, they are less robust than other materials and wear faster.

synthetic fibre
Fabrics made of synthetic fibres such as polyamide or polyester are referred to as synthetic fibres. The materials often look as natural as the natural fibre fabrics, but are more robust, colourfast and therefore more durable and easier to care for. That's why synthetic sofas are the right choice for people with pets.

blended fabric
Natural fibres and synthetic fibres - and thus also the respective positive properties of the materials - are combined in blended fabrics. Natural fibres, such as cotton, are processed together with plastic fibres, such as polyacrylic. This guarantees both a pleasant feel and a long shelf life.

Leather is particularly resistant, robust and water-repellent. The material ages worthily. Light, sun and wear give them their unique patina. Only too much light can cause unattractive discolorations. Leather is often perceived as a cold material, but heats up very quickly when sitting. Moreover, leather sofas are easy to clean due to their robustness.

Outline Sofa from Muuto in leather

6. Conclusion - you have to consider this when buying a sofa

  • Choose a sofa with low height, low backrest and wide depth to relax and a sofa with higher feet, high backrest and low seat depth to sit straight.
  • One person needs about 60 - 80 cm of space to sit comfortably on the sofa. Consider how many people should sit on the sofa and how big your living room is.
  • The higher the back and armrests of the sofa are, the more it creates its own area. Play with the position of the sofa to create separate areas or make the room open and space-saving.
  • If you frequently have overnight guests, choose a sofa with sleeping function
  • Sofa with natural fibre fabric feels particularly comfortable, synthetic fibre is extremely hard-wearing, mixed fabric combines both properties and leather convinces with its unique patina and robustness.

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